Advanced Laser Treatments

Pain-free and precise.

Looking for a safe, gentle alternative to traditional dental techniques? Talk to Dr. Kelvin Ngo about new WaterLase dentistry.

WaterLase dentistry employs advanced laser technology to treat common dental problems with precision and virtually no pain.

Finally you can get oral care free from the dread, drills, and discomforts of traditional dentistry. Contact us to find out more about our compassionate approach to dentistry.

What Is WaterLase Dentistry?

WaterLase is precise laser technology that treats many common dental problems, including failing dental implants and periodontal disease.

The Wa
terLase tool can treat teeth and gums without the traditional discomforts of heat, vibration, drilling, or pressure. Shots are often not required.

WaterLase treatments are virtually pain-free—even for sensitive teeth!

WaterLase employs water, air, and laser energy in precisely controlled applications to attack problems of the tooth surface, the roots or gums. It offers a new way to treat gum disease, fight decay and handle endodontic issues.

WaterLase Is Essentially Pain Free

WaterLase treatments often require no anesthesia and provide patients with a nearly pain-free experience. That means that, in many cases, shots are not required. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true!

WaterLase technology, which is laser-based, eliminates many of the painful effects of traditional dentistry such as drilling tooth enamel or disturbing sensitive areas.

With WaterLase there is no drilling, scraping, or cutting of hard or soft tissue. There are no sharp metal tools and no sudden pinging of sensitive areas. WaterLase it is so precise that adjacent areas of the mouth are protected and preserved.

If you dread dental procedures due to fear of needles or unbearable pain, then it is time to talk to Dr. Ngo. He is an advocate for advanced technologies and passionate about pain-free dentistry. Schedule an appointment today.

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